Evaluating Quality

The recent results from a federal agency about the contract performance of Atlantic OccuPsych: Evaluation Areas Rating Quality Exceptional Schedule Exceptional Management Exceptional Regulatory Compliance Exceptional “The contractor has consistently provided high-quality work products within reasonable costs…” “The contractor was exceptional in accommodating the Government’s requests for high volume under very short timelines …” “All work has exceeded the expectations set forth by the contract requirements” Contractor Performance Assessment Report (CPAR), March...

Invited Presentations

Dr. Stephen Curran was invited to address several groups this past Fall 2015. These included the Maryland Police Training Commission (MPTC), Maryland Correctional Training Commission (MCTC) and the Maryland Public Safety and Policing Work Group. Each group sought information from the only board certified police psychologist in the State of Maryland about how to better select public safety personnel. Among recommendations provided to these groups was to recognize that conducting preemployment psychological evaluations is a specialty area. Thus, there is a great need in Maryland to mandate minimum standards that psychologists can demonstrate proficiency in selecting police, corrections and related public safety...

Welcome Dr. Doug Craig

Welcome Dr. Doug Craig Douglas Craig, Psy.D. re-located from Chicago to Maryland to join Atlantic OccuPsych on January 1, 2016. Dr. Craig received his doctorate from the Illinois School of Professional Psychology in Clinical Psychology. As a former sworn seasonal police officer (Ocean City, MD) turned psychologist, Dr. Craig has tailored his experience and expertise to the field of applied forensic psychology, namely within the proficiency of police and public safety psychology. Dr. Craig’s main areas of expertise are in the areas of psychological assessment (i.e. pre-employment screening, fitness for duty evaluations, and specialty team assignment evaluations) and intervention/tactical consultation (i.e. individual therapy, post-trauma counseling, mental toughness training, etc.). The vast majority of Dr. Craig’s applied police psychology experience has been within an urban police community, namely the Chicago Police Department. He has been involved in training of department personnel, consistently contributes to professional organizations through presentations, and has served as a consultant to police psychologists throughout North America. Dr. Craig is an associate member of the International Association Chiefs of Police as well as the Society for Police and Criminal Psychology among other professional...
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