Behind the Badge

New Book: Behind the Badge

Dr. Curran wrote Chapter 3, Assessment and evaluation: Collecting the requisite building blocks for treatment planning appearing in Behind the Badge. New York, NY: Routledge (2015), pages 23-43.

One reviewer wrote:

“This is an absolutely essential book for anyone who provides mental health care to law enforcement personnel. It is also a great resource for law enforcement leaders, officers, and family members who want to understand mental health issues and psychological treatment in the law enforcement community. This is the single best resource available in this critical field of study, bringing in some of the greatest minds in our nation…”

–Dave Grossman, Lt. Col., USA (retired); Author of: On Killing and On Combat


Police Chief MagazineSeptember 2014, The Police Chief Magazine article, “Managing Encounters with Returning Veteran”

Stephen F. Curran, Ph.D., ABPP – Lead Author (with Drs. Scott Allen, Dan Clark, Doug Craig, D. and LaMar Gardner, L.M.) The article addresses the essential factors law enforcement needs to know when interacting with veterans. Case studies and crises intervention strategies are discussed. The article is must reading for Academy trainers in recruit training and in-service training programs.


June 2011 AELE Law Journal, Videotaping and Police Behavior

Co-authored by Stephen Curran, Ph.D., ABPP and Jamaal Thomas, Esq.

This article examines the psychological factors involved in police misconduct captured on video. The article poses the question, “If police officers know they are being videotaped, then why engage in behaviors possibly leading to allegations of misconduct?” The full article may be accessed here.

August 2011 The Police Chief Magazine article, “Support and Sustain”

Psychological Intervention for Law Enforcement Personnel
Co-authored by Stephen F. Curran, Ph.D.

The article addresses the range of psychological services that support and sustain law enforcement officers and their families. Topics addressed in the article include the importance of confidential counseling, impact of police duties upon family members, effects of traumatic incidents, effects of military deployments, and training. You can view the article here.