Traumatic Stress

Stephen F. Curran, Ph.D., ABPP


Overview about Sudden Stress
What’s happening to you at the moment of sudden, terrifying stress?  This brief introduction will provide you insights about why the body reacts in response to stress, the normal reactions over the days following a stressful incident and several ideas to help normalize your reactions.

Cognitive Coping Skills, the A-B-C’s
Are you not always sure why you are emotionally responding to a situation or person?  Want to change the way you think about negative events?  The information provided on this audio file will provide you skills to improve your coping with stressors.

Relaxation Techniques
You can exert control over your physiology!  This audio file provides information about deep breathing, progressive relaxation techniques and visual imagery.  The material contains proven methods to improve getting to sleep among other areas of your life that need calming techniques.